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BreathTracker Analyzer

Take the guesswork out of gas work with the gold-standard in the measurement of Hydrogen (H2), Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

The BreathTracker analyzer is used by medical professionals to accurately measure Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide in exhaled breath.  These analytical values presented by the analyzer are not intended to be the sole determinant of diagnosis and are used in conjunction with other clinical factors known by the physician, to allow the physician to diagnose Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Carbohydrate and Sugar Malabsorptions (e.g Lactose Malabsorption/Intolerance and Fructose Malabsorption). 

Samples are collected in various time intervals and numerical values in parts per million (ppm) are provided by the analyzer. These values are then reviewed by the medical professional in conjunction with patient history and medical conditions to assist physicians in their assessment of how their patient's gastrointestinal system responds to the sugar and whether dietary changes and/or antibiotic treatment of a condition is desired.


To purchase a BreathTracker analyzer for your office, hospital or laboratory click here to request a quote.

If you are looking for information on the MicroLyzer series of analyzers: Model CM, CM2, CM2+, 12, 12i, 12+, DP, DP+, SC; please note these models have been discontinued and reached their end-of-life regarding support and service.  Please contact us directly regarding these products.

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